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From Editing and Proofreading to Final Output

Nothing is more powerful than the ‘right words’. If you require editing or proofreading services, we can provide it.

Beyond the translated word. Once your text has been finalized, we can help you put it on paper or on the web. Whatever the medium: design and desktop publishing, HTML layout or printing, we can provide it.

Terminological Research

Terminological research involves picking out all technical terms and finding the exact translation. To do this, CILFO Translations utilizes specialized data banks and electronic dictionaries as well as traditional printed dictionaries. Of key importance is to find the right word every time.


Technological advances in recent years have helped to facilitate the translator's task, but the reality is that translation will always require specialized training, experience and a great deal of talent; skills which we have in ample supply.

Proofreading and editing

Once the translation has been completed, a proofreader who is also a professional translator will bring a fresh perspective to the text. Grammatical, syntactic and stylistic aspects of the text can be improved in the process. This additional opinion during the process is key to meeting your linguistic requirements.


Canadian Pharmacists Association

CILFO's level of responsiveness and the accuracy of their service continually impress me. Their team of “thinking” translators ensure high quality work within a limited time frame. Whether the documents are lengthy, one sentence, industry specific, technical or non; I rely on CILFO's proven professionalism for our translation needs.

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